Health Corner: Five Unbelievable Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water

It is widely known that we get lots of benefits from drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated on a daily basis. Water is essential to making sure that your body runs as it should regularly.
Known the benefits of drinking water, now there are also benefits from drinking hot water, here are 5 benefits:
1 Better Digestion: Warm water in your stomach helps you stimulate better digestion, so your body won’t have to use so much energy to break down
2 Pain Reliever: Drinking hot water is an easy and effortless way for women to ease their period cramps. The heat relaxes muscles in that area and relives the pain.

3 Weight Loss: The more water you drink, the more hydrated you are, and this, in turn, increases your metabolism. A fast metabolism gives you a better chance of losing weight effectively.
4 Less Infection Risk: If you are travelling or camping, its always great to drink hot water because the heating process will kill any bacteria and microbes that might might be present.
5 Sore Throat: Sometimes sore throat can be unbearable, and an immediate way to ease the pain is sip on hot water. The heat will dissolve the thick viscous mucuos membranes that are causing the problems.

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