Men Need To Learn How To ‘Lick’ Before Doing The Do – DJ Switch

It has been proven times without number that a lot of women do not reach orgasm during sex and DJ Switch seems to have a solution to that problem, and her focus is on men.
Using 6-time Baloon d’Or winner Lionel Messi as an instance and case study, DJ Switch noted that it is important it is for him to dribble first before scoring a goal.DJ SwitchShe then noted that men also need to learn the act of great foreplay such as neck licking, ears biting and breasts suckling before the main act. This seems to be a coming from a place of recent experience, well, we cannot tell.
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Some guys need to learn how to lick neck, bite ear small… suck breast first.. even Messi dey dribble before he score“, she wrote on Twitter.
DJ Switch KOKO TV Nigeria
Photos Credit: Instagram

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