Meghan Markle’s Baby Bump Looks Bigger In The Evening For This Simple Reason

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has been showing off her growing bump on the royal tour, but royal fans have spotted something very odd about the shape of the bump when she dresses for dinner in the evenings.People have been pointing out that the bump looks noticeably larger in the evenings than it does in the day, and there might be a reason for this. Birth companion Susannah Birch said this might be down to the abdominal muscles being tired from holding the bump. She explained: “At night time, your abdominal muscles are tired from holding your bump [and they] loosen as they grow more tired, which allows your bump to sit out further and appear larger.”And another expert attributed her larger evening bump to common bloating and progesterone. Melbourne-based gynaecologist Dr Joseph Sgroi said: “A lot of women will say that towards the end of the night they do feel a lot more bloated, and that bloating sensation is a combination of them obviously having eaten over the course of the day. “One of the things progesterone does, which is the primary hormone that’s secreted from the placenta, is it actually slows down gut motility, so it slows down the transit time from when you eat something to when it comes out the other end.”Photo Credit: Getty

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