Meghan And ‘Wimp’ Harry Look Like Money-grubbers – Thomas Markle Savages Daughter And Son-in-law

Meghan’s estranged father says she and Harry have abandoned the Queen in a crisis, just as they did to him.

Thomas Markle, 75, said after their move to California: “They walked out on me when I had a heart attack. Everything she did to me, she has now done to the Royal Family.”

He added: “I think it is ridiculous. You cannot make Harry look more like a wimp than she has done now.

“Yes, they will come to California and become A-listers – they will be welcomed in all the wealthiest people’s houses.

“But you cannot buy the honour that you have. There are people in the world who would pay millions of dollars to become a duchess and part of the Royal Family. Meghan is doing voiceover work for Disney – but I think her and Harry’s support is fading fast. I’m losing a lot of respect for them – they look like money-grubbers. I feel they should return to England and fulfill the duties they got married for.”

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