Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Meet Polina Kovaleva, The 26-year-old Stepdaughter Of Sergei Lavrov, Putin’s Closest Friend, Living Lavish London Life

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The glamorous life of the stepdaughter of Sergei Lavrov has been revealed as campaigners says she should be among the family members of Vladimir Putin’s cronies targeted with British sanctions.

Ministers were urged to personally target the loved ones of those at the top of the Kremlin as they prepared for a fresh round of sanctions as early as next week.
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The Russian foreign minister’s alleged “second family”, including Svetlana Polyakova, his mistress, and Polina Kovaleva, her 26-year-old daughter, were identified as among those officials should look at.
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Around 140 Russian oligarchs and “enablers” of Vladimir Putin have now been named in the House of Commons, but asset freezes have only been placed on 23 Russian oligarchs, as well as the Russian president and Lavrov, since the invasion commenced.

Ms Polyakova, an actress and restaurateur, is said to have been in a relationship with Lavrov since the early 2000s and documents unearthed show she has been abroad with the foreign minister more than 60 times, including on diplomatic missions.

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Her family’s lifestyle and growing multi-million-pound property portfolio is alleged to have been bankrolled by her lover. Miss Kovaleva’s now-deleted Instagram account shows her relaxing on a yacht owned by Deripaska.

A profile of the 26-year-old on the Imperial College website reveals that she had studied for a master’s in Economics & Strategy for Business in 2018 after working for Gazprom, the Russian oil giant.

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In 2016, Miss Kovaleva, then aged 21, paid cash for a £4.4 million apartment on Kensington High Street.

Ms Pevchikh asked: “Can anyone explain how this is possible?

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“Polina has to pack her Louis Vuitton suitcases, say goodbye to her British life and leave the UK. Should she not be able to explain where she got the £4.4 million from, her property must be arrested under the Unexplained Wealth Order procedure.”

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