Meet Memory Njemani, The Mother Who Married Her Own Biological Son

A 47-year-old woman, Memory Njemani, has married her own biological son, age 30, in a white wedding in Malawi.

Media reports indicates that the woman claimed after the wedding that she’d spent a lot of money training her son in school. According to reports, Njemani said another woman can not come in to be married to her son after her hard work in educating him.

She says it is high time she enjoys herself with her son because they both worked hard for it.

“I invested a lot of money in the education of my son. Why should another woman be married to him and enjoy my hard work I invested in him? That will not happen. I’m marrying my son so that we don’t empower other women who have been aborting”, she lamented.

However, the society is rebuking the move on Njemani’s decision, stating that the woman is a wizard and must be burnt to ashes. The public says she bewitched his son to marry her not the claims she is making. The two have since been married and are staying together and her son, whose identity is uncertain never complained about the incestuous marriage.Photo Credit: Getty

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