Saturday, December 10, 2022

Maryam Giwa Proves That Modest Fashion Holds A Deeper Meaning

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Modest fashion means different things to different people depending on the side of the spectrum they have chosen to belong. For some people it is staying covered up without showing off skin but in all fairness modest fashion runs deeper than this to include the mind, emotions and feeling adequate. Stunning PR and brand expert Maryam Giwa is one person who sees modest fashion to run beyond clothes to mean mindset and more.

Maryam Giwa Proves That Modest Fashion Holds A Deeper Meaning Maryam is one modest lady who certainly knows how to express herself while still staying true to her religion and feeling comfortable. The plus sized lady is a strong fashion inspiration for Plus sized ladies and modest fashionistas. A major part of modest sense of style is how she keeps thing simple and elegant. Covering up brings out a certain level of inner beauty that clothes cannot give. Modest fashion brings out the true elegance of a person and Maryam Giwa’s style embodies these traits and more.

1. Blue us all away

2. Pinktastic

3. An Angel

4. Jummah Ready

5. In a world full of colours

6. Chic vibes

7. Purple screams Royalty

Photo Credit: Instagram

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