Marriage Isn’t The Ultimate But… – Annie Idibia Shares Her Thoughts On Long-Term Relationships

 Nollywood actress and mum of two Annie Idibia, via her social media page has shared her thoughts on long-term relationships. Annie who is married to iconic Nigerian singer Tuface Idibia stated that marriage isn’t the ultimate but finding a man who loves someone is very important.  Annie in an interview back in 2017 shared the secrets to her successful marriage. In her words; “The truth is the way love is, it becomes a choice afterward, if you’ve chosen to be committed to a person, you’ve got to stay that way. Yes, we fight, when I say fight not physical fight, but we talk about it and settle it because we know that we are going to sleep in the same room at night, we never sleep in different rooms,” Annie also spoke on their communication saying they talk about it and resolve every issue before going to bed. The actress concluded; “Every relationship has their different things going, but the one thing that is common, the one thing that is never going to change is the fact that every relationship is always going to have their ups and downs, then love and trust will keep you.” 


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