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Monday, May 27, 2024

Many Of The Fulani Okada Riders Are Spies For Herdsmen – Amotekun Chairman

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The Chairman of the South-Western indigenous Security outfit ‘Amotekun’ in Oyo State, Col. Kunle Togun has alleged that a lot of the bike riders in most south-western regions are spies used by kidnappers and the Fulani herdsmen to foment trouble and help gather intelligence. Amotekun
Amotekun Chairman Col. Kunle Togun

Col. Kunle Togun described these persons as foreigners identified as “Bororo”, who made their way into the country due to our porous borders and can’t speak any Nigerian language but only French.
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The Amotekun chieftain then further noted that these persons when they’re caught they would usually quote the ECOWAS law of free movement across all ECOWAS states. Which isn’t so because the rule only states free movement across other ECOWAS states for a stretch of only 90-days, but some of these so-called foreigners have been in the country for years.

The Amotekun Chieftain further added that a lot of Traditional chiefs and leaders in Yoruba land are also to be blamed for the territorial expansion and invasion as they give away their ancestral lands for money, cows and cars to this so-called herdsmen.

Which is why Oyo State Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde’s has ordered that monarchs stop allocating land to herdsmen with no papers showing Nigerian nationality would reduce killing and kidnapping in Yoruba land if heeded.

The Amotekun Chairman said;

 “Traditional chiefs and leaders in Yoruba land take money, cows and cars from these herdsmen and allow them to settle down and wreak havoc in their domains.
“I have attended meetings of Obas in Oke-Ogun and I told them to stop giving land to foreigners. These herdsmen are called Bororos in Oke-Ogun and Ibarapa. They are not Nigerians. What is happening should not be analysed in the area of religion, it is territorial expansion.
“Their leaders argue about the ECOWAS free movement law, but the one I am aware of is that anybody from ECOWAS country can go to another ECOWAS nation without visa, but you cannot stay there for more than 90 days at a stretch. Some of these people have been occupying our land for years and they are not Nigerians.
“Most of them that were dumped here by trailers during the COVID-19 lockdown have turned to Okada riders. Many are pushing wheelbarrows all over the place, selling carrots, oranges and the rest. The Okada riders are their spies. We have noted this and we are working on government policy that will curtail the use of these people to foment trouble in Oyo State and Yoruba land as a whole.”

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