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Beauty DIY: Top 5 Manicures That Should Be Done To The Nails Regularly

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Every part of our body is important as each part plays a significant role. But our hands are one part of the body that helps other parts of the body operate well. For instance, without your hand, you cannot touch any part of your body.
Manicure Our hands do a lot and asides from the face, our hands are also another visible part of the body that people look at. Some people would take all the time in the world paying attention to their faces but neglect their hands. Our hands deserve as much care as every other part of our body gets. Our nails specifically should always be clean and neat.
Manicure is treatment, massage, and care of our hands, fingernails. This should be done regularly in order to have posh and clean nails. So here are 5 stressless ways to do your manicure yourself and achieve the right result;
Hot oil manicure
Hot oil manicure is a very luxurious and relaxing type of manicure. It is very good and does wonder for people with dry hands. To achieve this all you need to do is to soak your fingers including your knuckles in heated natural oils. Soaking your hands in natural oil moisturizes the skin and treats the fingers, making them soft and leaving your fingers and cuticles well-moisturized and nourished.
Gel manicure
Gel manicures involve painting on the gel-polish and putting it under the UV light to dry before adding another layer of paint. His is very good for the nails for it serves as a treatment for the nails.
These gels offer a wide variety of colors to choose from, dry off in minutes and stay put on your nails for a good 2-3 weeks.
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Paraffin wax manicure
This one is popular with the millennials as it is a sure-fire stress buster. The paraffin wax manicure needs you to soak your hands (palm, up to the wrist) in lukewarm liquid wax for a while and then wrap them in fresh towels.
If that didn’t sound therapeutic enough, the regular manicure follows and the emollients and lotions drive moisture deeper into your skin.
Brazillian manicure
The manicure focuses on the cuticles and thus it includes removal of the cuticle to expose the nail bed. This is done using a special Brazilian clipper. The polish is not just applied onto the nail, but also on the surrounding skin to make sure the edges are covered. The excess is later wiped off.
3D manicure
3D manicure is indeed the next level next level. You start by placing acrylic onto some fake nails and then painting them the color of your choice, after this, you stick them onto your natural nails and begin applying little accessories to create a beautiful design. If you want to be extra, you can add some rhinestones onto your nails, or maybe opt for pearls or petals if you’re looking for something more girly.
There are a million and one manicure that is fantastic for the nails but these are our top five. Feel free to try the ones not mentioned here.
Our aim is to ensure you care and pay attention to your nails.
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