Horror! Man Is Tortured And Burnt Alive For Insulting Prophet Muhammad {Photos}

According to reports, a young middle-aged man named Talle Mai Ruwa was allegedly gruesomely murdered on Tuesday, March 30th in front of his mother for allegedly insulting the Islamic prophet, Prophet Muhammad {SAW}, at a community square in Bauchi state. It is gathered that he was questioned, tortured and then finally burnt alive in an act of jungle justice by some irate youths who were also backed in their act by leaders and older men in the Sade Community in Dazazo Local Government Area of Bauchi State. 

Talle Mai Ruwa was alleged to have insulted Prophet Muhammad, which led to the youth s of the town to go to his house and drag him away in the presence of his mother to his death.
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Eyewitnesses show shared gory pictures of the incident where the middle-aged man was beaten, tied up with tyres worn on him and set ablaze as people watched. The witnesses stated further that the youths contributed money to buy petrol to set Mai Ruwa ablaze.

“The young man was killed by a mob in Sade town for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad. He was dragged from his house by a mob and forcibly set ablaze after being tied to an old car tyre.

“The village youths donated money to buy the petrol that was used to burn and kill Talle Mai Ruwa,” a resident narrated. Another source told us that some youths had earlier dragged the deceased before Islamic clerics where he was asked questions.
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Man burnt Alive in Bauchi for insulting prophet muhammad After the questioning session, the clerics reportedly told the crowd that Talle Mai Ruwa deserved to be killed. The mum stood and watched while fire consumed Talle Mai Ruwa until he was reduced to ashes,” he lamented.

Some residents of the town told SaharaReporters that Talle Mai Ruwa had been going through an unspecified type of mental illness. This is not the first time that people in northern Nigeria would be passing a death sentence on someone for alleged blasphemy. In August 2020, a musician in Kano was sentenced to death by hanging for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad.

An upper Sharia court said Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, 22, was guilty of committing blasphemy in a song he circulated via WhatsApp in March.

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