Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Man Sets Out To Break Record As He Peels 50 Coconuts With His Teeth

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An ambitious Nigerian man is on his way to setting a Guinness world record as he uses his teeth to peel over 50 coconuts.

Nigerian viral chef, Hilda Baci generated commendations and support from netizens after she set a new cooking record. This seemed to have spurred several other Nigerians to attempt breaking records or setting up new ones.

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A video making the rounds online captures an ambitious man trying to set a record by using his strong teeth to peel the bark of coconuts.

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Onlookers gathered to cheer and watch the shocking spectacle as the man continued to use his teeth to peel over 50 coconuts. This has sparked different reactions online as some have shown concern for his teeth while some are of the opinion that because he did not go through the right authorities, he was just wasting his time and the time of those that stopped by to watch him

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