Saturday, December 9, 2023

Man Nearly Beaten to Death by Muslims For Complaining That They Blocked A Busy Road to Pray (Video)

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Tragedy was averted in Lagos after a keke rider who complained that some Muslims blocked a busy road to pray in Lagos was nearly lynched to death.

He was said to have barely escaped after the Muslim faithfuls who blocked a busy road to pray attacked him and also destroyed his source of income.
According to reports, the man would have been mobbed to death right there if he hadn’t run into a shop whilst they were beating him.
The Lagos state government has been urged to address the issue to save other people from being killed by such violent people.
See video and comments below:
This is exactly what I almost faced on Monday in surulere…. A major road was blocked just to pray and I just wanted to walk pass by the side and I saw the bombastic side eye they gave me I had to look away and pass immediately… I knew it could turn messy if I said anything
OMG. Is he safe? 😢
This is the religion called peaceful religion? Jokers
So much hate, they didnt even wait for thwir prayers to reach their god 😢
People wey just pray finish o , which kind god dem Dey pray to abeg 😂, that una god go like violence o
WTF. Haba now.
Scary Religion
Imagine people that just finished praying
They are encouraged and protected by the Nigerian government.
I think this should happen at Agege, I once experience it.
Nigeria don tuama since
How can you be blocking the road for prayers. Fashola stopped this madness as a Governor. Maybe the Christians would start holding services too on the road
No no no meanwhile all of you are seeking Justice for a lost soul so why not protect a life soul? But that was wrong how can you block a main road just because you are going to pray. Stupidity no go finish for Africa.
Muslim women raise their hands to pray with a Tasbeeh on white background, indoors. Focus on hands.
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