Any Man Who Makes Less Than N400K Is Not Qualified For Marriage – Uche Maduagwu

Controversial actor Uche Maduagwu has via his Instagram page shared his thoughts about the marriage institution. According to Uche, not every man is qualified for marriage adding that only those financially buoyant should get married should they decide to. in his words; ‘Any man that has less than 400K in his bank account is absolutely not qualified for marriage…?? Ladies, don’t settle for less, poverty is not a good fashion statement oh…?? Marriage has so much attached to it, don’t let any man fool you, its still manageable dating a guy that has ZERO naira in his bank account, God can still do miracles, but marriage is a different story, its the duty of a husband to take care of ALL his wife’s need, so if you allow one useless BOY trick you into believing that his statement of account is not important before going into marriage, my dear, “na hunger you dey take play Snake & Ladder with oh” ,?? shine your eyes, its total nonsense for a woman to be taking up all the responsibilities of a man in marriage, that kind of lifestyle can negatively affect your children’s state of mind, don’t settle for less, having a long beards, with big muscle is not a sign of being qualified for marriage, the question is, are you God fearing, kind, mature, sweet and above all, are you financially qualified?” In another post, Uche prayed for a husband for actress Rita Dominic, saying the right man will show up soon. ‘God will answer your prayer this year…⛪⛪ @ritadominic I see the hand writing on the wall of certainty, this year will definitely not pass you by…??? They say “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”.?? @ritadominic I don’t know that particular THING that has been your number 1 prayer point before God, but i am optimistic that God will answer you this year, sometimes people mistake our smiles for perfection, but nobody really knows our little-unsaid prayers to God, all they see is the beautiful makeup, and great smiles.???It just shows that everyone has one thing or the other he/she is looking up to God for.✏✏ @ritadominic i don’t know why I’m being led to say these words to you, but God is working things out for your good, it would definitely end in praise and thanksgiving. Can someone please say an Amen for this my Big sister.??





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