Man ‘Killed Girlfriend, Her Sister And Her Mother’ Because She Refused To Cook For Him

A young father killed the mother of his child, her sister and mother over his girlfriend’s refusal cook for him and braid his hair, it is claimed. John Matthews, 25, allegedly killed girlfriend Shonta Harris, 24, her sister Jasmine Neal, 27, and mother Frances Neal, 56, at their home in Chicago in June.

He was extradited back to Illinois last week and charged with their murders after fleeing to Iowa in their wake. Matthews, who had a four-month old son with Harris, reportedly attacked his girlfriend after asking her to took for him. Harris said no, saying she felt unwell.

He is said to have flown into a rage after Harris then declined to braid his hair, saying she also felt too sick to do so. Matthews allegedly came up behind Harris and punched her in the face. His grandma intervened, and took Harris outside to try and calm the situation down.

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But Matthews followed the women outside and continued to scream abuse at his girlfriend, CBS Chicago reported. He is said to have broken Harris’s phone after she called her mother for help. Jasmine and Frances Neal then showed up, with the mom asking Matthews about the bruise on her daughter’s eye, it was said.

Asked why he’d hit Harris, Matthews is said to have answered that his partner ‘didn’t do shit for him and that he hated her.’ He then ordered the women off his property, and refused to let them fetch his baby son from inside, according to police.

Jasmine Neal got out her phone to dial 911 and report Matthews alleged attack on her sister, only for him to pull a gun out and shoot Frances Neal in the chest, back, arm and leg.

He is then accused of turning the gun on Harris, shooting her in the chest. Neal was shot once in the head as she tried to run away from Matthews, it is alleged.

The suspected killer’s grandma then called 911, as he fled the scene. Frances and Jasmine Neal were pronounced dead at the scene, with Harris initially left paralyzed from the waist down.

She died from complications related to her injuries in early September while being cared for in a nursing home. Matthews fled to Iowa, but was caught after a car crash in August.

He was finally charged after being extradited back to Chicago last Thursday, and is due back in court on November 30.

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