Man Jailed For Having One-night Stand With Date After Promising To Marry Her

An Indian man was arrested after a one-night stand with his Tinder date as he may have “promised to marry” her.

The man named Rama Reddy had been exchanging messages with a woman known as Meera for a month before they slept together. As soon as the sex was over Meera asked Reddy to marry her.

But the 29-year-old man rejected her proposal saying he was “not ready for commitment”. Meera wasn’t taking no for an answer so she continued to pursue him — until he blocked her on WhatsApp.

Although ghosting after sex might be a fairly common in thing in Western culture, it’s much more unacceptable in India. Feeling like she’d only been used for “physical pleasure”, an outraged Meera contacted the police to file a complaint. She thought she’d been misled and promising to marry someone in order to get them into bed is a form of rape in India. Reddy was promptly arrested and carted off to jail.

Meera said: “It was literally the morning after the night he was breaking up with me. I felt so disgusted that I’d been used. These types of incidents should not be repeated with other people using dating apps. Women should not be used as a source of physical pleasure.”

In 2016, there were 10,068 cases of rape by “known persons on promise to marry the victim”, according to crime data in India. It’s not yet clear which law is relevant to this particular case. And in 2013, an Indian High Court ruled that couples who have premarital sex should actually be considered married.

If a bachelor aged 21 or over and an unmarried woman aged 18 and older “indulge in sexual gratification”, they could be called “husband and wife”, Madras Justice C.S. Karnan ruled.Photo Credit: Getty



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