Man Dragged From His Bedroom, Killed And Eaten By Hyenas

A pack of hyenas dragged a man from his bed and tore him to pieces in a savage attack.

Only the head, arms, and legs of Tendai Maseka, 46, were recovered close to his home in Zimbabwe after a passerby made the grisly find the next day.

Screams for help were heard coming from the 46-year-old’s Banure village hut at about 11 pmon Monday. Mr Maseka was last seen alive leaving a bar that evening before police found the walls of his room splattered with blood.

Track marks seen by officers inside the hut suggest he battled with the cunning scavengers before they brutally devoured his torso. His remains were buried on Wednesday. Rangers from the Zimbabwe National Park Authority (Zimparks) are now hunting for the six-strong hyena pack terrorising the area. They are also believed to have killed livestock – including goats and calves.

Locals are living in fear as Zimparks communications manager Tinashe Farawo has warned villagers to “stay alert” as the rogue predators are now invading homes and attacking people.

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He added: “Mr Tendai Maseka was attacked, killed, and eaten by six hyenas on Monday night. He was dragged from his bedroom and devoured by the hyenas. A villager found Mr Maseka’s remains on Tuesday morning before alerting other members of the community and Zimparks rangers. The spoor (tracks/ scent) of the pack of hyenas was seen at the scene. Zimparks rangers are on the ground tracking down the hyenas, which have become a menace in the area.”

Native to Africa, hyenas are famed scavengers and are known to feed on carcasses, rather than hunt for themselves. The carnivores use different sounds to communicate with clan members up to five kilometres away and rarely attack people, feasting instead upon remains of animals.

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