Thursday, August 18, 2022

Man Beats His Girlfriend Mercilessly For Alleged Getting Pregnant {Video}

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A video has surfaced online where a man was seen assaulting a lady in his room, the lady was later confirmed to be his girlfriend. The man is accused of beating his girlfriend for alleged getting pregnant and pointing him out as the one responsible for her pregnancy.

In the Video, the couple were seen sitting and discussing facing each other with the cameraman somewhere behind the couple and recording. All of a sudden the man lashed out slaps the lady, then the second time, third time and fourth time as the onslaught continued one the man’s friend called him by his name “Junior” telling him to take it easy, Junior he then turns around and pulls out a whip from his trousers and starts using it to whip the lady continuously as if she had stole something of extreme importance from him.

In another video, the man friends could be seen trying to stop the man as he continues the onslaught, but they obviously weren’t trying enough as they are seen laughing while holding back the lady as junior continues to assault the pregnant lady.Man Beats His Pregnant Girlfriend

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The Facebook user who shared the video wrote: “After impregnating this girl, he had the guts to beat her up when she said he was responsible and has results.”

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