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Hair Tips: 5 Easy Ways To Maintain A Naturally Long Hair

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maintain long hair 8Natural hair sometimes come with a lot of perks and challenges. Most often times than not, when the hair is not properly maintained, it could lead to hair loss, and by then the most adored long hair would then become extremely short and dull looking.

It is easy to get products that would aid hair growth, however, to maintain that hair length can be pretty worrisome. A lot of factors can contribute to the damage and stunted of a naturally long hair. Your hair is extremely fragile, therefore, when there is inadequate care, it tends to give way. To rescue your long hair from damage, here are a few tips you can try to maintain that steady growth.maintain long hair 7
1. Moderate shampooing: This point can never be over emphasised. Excess shampooing of the hair can cause dryness, and also strip the hair of its natural nutrients. When this occurs, the hair begins to thin, and ultimately, it shreds from the roots. Get a regular shampooing plan, which may include only twice a month.maintain long hair 6
2.Use the right comb/brush: It is important that you the kind of hair that you possess as this would provide with leads as to which kind of hair comb or brush to be used. Some combs are fashioned in a way that thick hair benefits from, and vice versa. It is important to take note of the effect of the comb or brush on your hair, to find out which best fits your hair.maintain long hair 4
3. Avoid rubber bands: Certain kind of hair bands and accessories, are not suitable for the hair. Depending on the kind of hair you have, you need to decide which of the accessories work for you. regardless of whichever type of hair that you possess, rubber bands are a natural hair damager. Firstly, they squeeze the hair and cause fallout before they finally tug at some strands, especially when they being taken off. If possible, totally avoid the use of rubber bands and go for more hair friendly accessories such as scrunchies.maintain long hair 3
4. Reduce the rate of blow drying: One silent hair damager is the process of high heat blow drying. What this does to your hair is that it dries up the moisture in the hair, making it extremely vulnerable to fallout and breakage. A better option is to use low heat when blow drying your natural hair.maintain long hair 1
5. Adequate moisturizing: Your hair constantly needs moisture to retain a healthy look. there are several moisturizing products that vary according to hair type. Go for the one that best suits your hair, and maintain that natural long hair glow.maintain long hair 2Photo Credit: Getty

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