All You Need To Know About Madeline Stuart, The First Down Syndrome Model To Walk The Runway At NYFW

Following the likes of Bella and Gigi on the runway, Madeline Stuart is gradually becoming the fashion model to take over the runway

Madeline Stuart was born on the 13th of November 1996 in Brisbane, Australia. She was born with the Down Syndrome condition but never let that deter her. She decided to go int modelling after following her mum to watch a fashion show in Brisbane. She then decided to lose about 44 pounds on order to make her dreams come through. Shortly after she gained recognition when her mother began a campaign in her sake to help her get a worthy modelling contract, which she later she got with Manifesta and Everbaya, a fitness brand and handbag brand respectively.
She officially began her modelling career in 2015 when she walked the runway and became the first down syndrome to appear at the New York Fashion week.  For this year’s Spring shows in New York, she modelled for Nonie, House of Byfield, Lulu et Gigi and five other shows. This would be the sixth season of her career and she is also set to model for other brands in London, Paris and Milan.
The model also owns her own fashion brand named; ’21 Reasons Why’ and this would be its third season at the NYFW. The model is gradually becoming a sensational in the fashion world and she is equally ready to take the word by surprise. she is one face to watch out for at the other fashion shows this season.Photo Credit: Getty


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