Madeira Bus Crash: 28 Dead As Coach Overturns On Portuguese Island

Up to 28 people have died in a bus accident on the Portuguese island of Madeira, according to local officials have said.

The accident happened near the Quinta Splendida Hotel in Canico on the island. Local mayor Filipe Sousa told local media in Madeira that 17 women and 11 men had died in the accident. He told local reporters “I have no words to describe what happened. I cannot face the suffering of these people”. The bus was thought to be carrying 55 people in total when it rolled down a steep hill. Local media reports that the most of the victims are believed to be German.

Several ambulances are at the scene and an investigation is under way. Tobi Hughes, editor of the Madeira Island News Blog said that the feeling on the island is that of shock. He said he understands that the group had been picked up from their hotel and were on their way out for an evening meal when the accident happened. Mr Hughes added that the road the bus was on was quite narrow and had a “tricky junction”. Authorities confirmed that the weather was fine at the time, and the island was still light.

Photo Credit: Getty


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