Lupita Nyong’o Stars In New Horror Movie “US’, Horrifying Christmas Gift

The first trailer for Jordan Peele’s “Us” dropped on Christmas morning and immediately replaced holiday cheer with chills.
The film stars “Black Panther” alums Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke as two parents on the getaway from hell. In the horror flick, the couple and their children are haunted by sinister versions of themselves while vacationing in California. Watch the Trailer Below;

Nyong’o and Duke, and their children — played by Shahadi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex — play the evil counterparts of the Wilsons, called The Tethered. Elisabeth Moss, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Tim Heidecker also appear in the director’s highly-anticipated follow-up to “Get Out.” Peele has acknowledged that his newest film is a step away from what we saw in his Oscar-winning directorial debut. “For my second feature, I wanted to create a monster mythology,” Peele told Entertainment Weekly last week. “I wanted to do something that was more firmly in the horror genre but still held on to my love of movies that are twisted but fun.” “I can’t think of a horror movie of this nature with a family in the center of it that uses a black family. So I knew just by putting an African-American family in the lead role, already we would be exploring cinematic uncharted territory – and I apologize if I’m missing something, which I probably am,” he also told the publication. “I love films like Poltergeist, I love The Shining, The Amityville Horror and I love Amblin films, those Spielberg films that brought extraordinary situations to a family unit, and even though this movie is not about race, I felt like it was an important piece of the project to have a black family in the center. Get Out was one missing piece of the racial conversation and this is another one and we’re seeing a lot of great strides being taken by great artists like Ava (Duvernay) and Ryan (Coogler).” “Us” is slated to hit theaters in March 2019.

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