Lookalike Mum And Daughter Graduate From Same University At The Same Time, On The Same Day

A lookalike mother and daughter have graduated from the same university on the same day where they were mistaken for sisters despite a 35 year age-gap.The duo look so alike that people mistook them for siblings rather than a mother and daughter, despite having almost four decades between them.Suzanne said: ‘We have people thinking that we are sisters – very flattering for me but I’m not sure what Melissa thinks of it. As she has grown up she is getting more like me.’The mother-of-two began her part-time degree course when Melissa was 16 – and was delighted to get a first in psychology and sociology at Swansea University. Her daughter, who graduated with a 2.1 in English Language, took a year out after school to go travelling before starting her studies.Photo Credit: Getty


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