Lizzy Anjorin Reveals Why Her Daughter Is Studying In The US

Beautiful actress and serial entrepreneur Lizzy Anjorin just recently disclosed that her 23-year-old daughter is in the US studying.Lizzy Anjorin and Husband

The actress also had heartwarming words for her husband of a few months, who had been her lover for close to 14 years.

She said “I have a man who is caring, loving. When you are hardworking, good men would want to be your friend, some will want to marry you. Initially, i didn’t want to expose my husband, but when some forces started making some funny noises, i had to reveal his identity. i have always been uncomfortable with revealing my personal life on social media. If you observe my page on Instagram, I talk mainly about my businesses- clothing line, jewellery, properties, land and now skincare.”

“I am a very private person despite being a celebrity. I shield my life away from the media. My daughter who is now 23 years old doesn’t appear on my handles. She is currently in the United States studying and i’m sure not anyone will see her here or abroad and say ‘that’s Lizzy Anjorin’s daughter.”

Lizzy Anjorin revealed that she is a very hardworking woman and actress, stating that there is no other artistes like her, she said she sells clothes, jewelries, cement, land, diesel and she does it all like a market woman whilst also producing her own movies and spending huge sum of money on it.

Toor! Liz Anjorin Fires Again At Toyin Abraham, And This Time, With A Counter-SueShe mentioned that she had to diversify when she realized that the movie industry doesn’t pay well and she had bills to pay.

Lizzy Anjorin further averred that she is a moving plane who loves her business and minds her lane and she only started social media paparazzi to promote her business and advertise her wares. She declared that she has friends in the movie industry and some people are only trying to send the wrong signals to the society whilst also asserting that there is no other actress like her and she is the richest.

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