Lizzy Anjorin Paradise! Nollywood Actress Aqcuires New House

Lizzy Anjorin Flaunts New House

Yoruba Nollywood Actress, Liz Anjorin has another asset in her name, a newly built Lagos house she called ‘Lizzy Anjorin Paradise’.

Sharing a collage of her new house on Instagram, the actress acknowledged her deceased mother for her relentless efforts and perseverance in their times of struggles and hardship. She appreciated her for the encouragement and how she taught her to fight through rough times. She further revealed that she wanted to hide it at first, but however, after she noticed that her houses are usually ready by June/July, she had to come through with her testimony.

She wrote: “Congrats to us maami …it’s a huge LIZZY ANJORIN PARADISE . Though it might look like kitchen or toilet to some people🤪… I wanted to hide it before but I noticed my house/s are always ready during June/ July…It will be stupid of me not to give testimony so that those people with good heart can praise and exault your name (ALLAH) on my behalf”.

Lizzy Anjorin New House
Nollywood Actress, Lizzy Anjorin. Photo Credit:lizzyanjorin

The latest landlady also recounted the various sufferings she passed through in the past, usually in the months of June and July. “June and July ??Is the month I and my rested mother suffered most as homeless hawkers… Maami, you thought me how to hide at edge of heavy materials during rain ..we tie our cloth together so that breeze and water will not overflood me … June and July ?? . No matter how careful we may be, we often sleep on our feet standing due to flood. Throw away things we took on debt due to slippery of floor during raining season. Our eyes always shed stream of tears.

“People we took debt from humiliate and call you names before me .. if they refuse to supply us on credit, we always settle for snail hurting. We picked small snails, boiled and washed and take to market and sell. June/July month we go hungry and suffer most. June/ July ?? The month I had my baby in Jos with zero rest of mind or love expect my mother in law ( iya ijebu thank you ma)… June /July?? let’s stop here. I will talk about u some other time but thank u for smiling at me now I appreciate your kind gesture.Thank u for been my best friend now & forever”, she continued.

See image of the house below:

Lizzy Anjorin Flaunts New House
Lizzy Anjorin Paradise. Photo Credit:lizzyanjorin



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