Lizzo Goes Half-Nude On The Gram Again!! (Photos)

Body-positivity American singer and instrumentalist Lizzo bombs the photo-blogging app Instagram some exciting semi-nude snaps of herself only in panties. The singer who is known of never shying away at flaunting her body came through for the new year, with more sultry images.Lizzo

The plus-size African American singer was seen posing only in panties while covering her boobs with her hands just to protect her modesty.

The Grammy-award winning singer is at the moment the queen of body-positivity and the leader of the “I don’t give Fcuk” movement. She dresses how she wants when she wants shows off her body at her own pleasing just so people know she is who she is. In her new post on Instagram, she wrote”

“The bar is high when you’re the reference”

It’s a new year but same old Lizzo, the caption by the body-positivist says it all.

See her post below, about her feeling like shit sometimes where she just wants to lie in bed all day;


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