Lil Frosh Shares WhatsApp Chat Between Himself And His Girlfriend To Back Up Claim

Lil Frosh
Lil Frosh is standing by his claim that he never hit his girlfriend Gift Camille and this time he has shared a WhatsApp chat between himself and his bae.

Lil Frosh and Gift CamileThe singer shared their chat to prove that the swelling was an infection and not domestic violence like she claimed. Lil Frosh captioned the photos: “I know it took me so long to come out but here’s my own side of the story on how it all started. kindly take your time by going through this conversation between I and Iyomaterie okeoghene Taiwo Gift (thacutegemini) one after the other continues on my next post.

“At a point she even asked if I did anything spiritual to her in our chat….
When I saw the update online about me beating her up to stupor, then I ask her i know you wanna trend is this true? She replied “I want to trend and am begging her to delete the post”

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