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Lifestyle: 10 Packing Tricks To Improve Your Holiday Experience

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How you pack for a trip determines if your trip would be as awesome as you have thought it would be. If you pack haphazardly, you end up getting frustrated even before you get to the middle of your vacation. When packing for a trip, you will have to organize everything you’ll need while you’re away then pack them into a suitcase in a way that there would still be space for extras at the same time protecting your things from damage.
1. Decide The Type fO Trip: Is it going to be long or short? Are you going to stay for long? When will you be leaving? When will you be coming back home? Will the date be convenient? Questions like these help you plan a great trip.
2.Make A List: Make a list on every single thing you will be needing for the trip. Items needed will include toiletries, shoes, clothing, paperworks, guidebooks, reading material and hotel information. The checklist will also be of help when you are packing back home. Items like deodorant, travel ticket and toothbrush can be easily forgotten so you have be vigilant. Do not pack unnecessary things you might not be needing so that your suit case doesn’t fill up leaving important things behind.
3. Plan Outfits Before Time So You Don’t Over-pack: knowing what the weather would be like helps. But if you do not know, then pack clothing that would go with other clothes. Colour-matching also helps, make sure each piece of clothing goes with the next. Also bring items you can be able to re-wear. For dirty laundry, bring empty plastic bags Instead of mixing them with clean clothes.
4. Put All Toiletries And Liquid In Separate Plastic Bag: To avoid leaks or explosion due to heat or compression, secure your toiletries in a plastic ziplock bag.
5.Check Empty Suitcase Properly: if you are going through customs, it would be wise to go through the suitcase thoroughly especially if you borrowed it. Check hidden corners and zips. Do a thorough check because you account for whatever is in the suitcase when it is going through screening at the airport.
6. Place Heavy Items Under: Place heavy items like, laptops at the bottom of the suite case. If you put heavy item on top, you suitcase tends to twist and flip every turn you make and this is an embarrassing occurrence.
7. Be Thorough While Packing: Tick items off your list as you do your packing so you don’t have to unpack to confirm. Make sure you place the list safely in your handbag or purse.
8. Pack Clothing Using The “Roll-Up” Technique: This method of folding helps create space for more clothing. Do not be afraid of it rumpling, most hotels have iron for straightening clothes or even laundry service.
9. Pad Breakables: Breakables like jewellery can be wrapped in a socks or towel and placed in a shoe to avoid damage.
10. Snacks And Entertainment: The journey might be long and you might become hungry and bored. So this might just add up to your comfort as you enjoy the trip.
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