Monday, September 27, 2021

Lifestyle: What You Need To Know When Recovering From Pornography Addiction

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Continuing with the running theme for this week, we are examining common and different unhealthy addictions and how to effectively manage and eventually curb them. Today is about one of the least discussed but most practiced addiction – pornography. According to various statical researches, pornography is on a rise with the porn industry currently valued as a multi-billion dollar industry – rivalling mainstream industries like Nollywood, Hollywood and music.Pornography addiction is frowned upon as a taboo in a conservative environment like ours and this has contributed a lot to the poor recovery system for those suffering from this health issue. Even beyond affecting your physical/sexual health, pornography addiction also leads to psychological problems like depression, guilt, low self-esteem and awkwardness in social situations. The access to internet by everyone in this new age has made this one of the most easiest addictions to pick up and also one of the easiest to keep a secret. But when an addict decides to curb this habit, what are some essential truths she/he needs to arm herself/himself with?1. A “Little Problem” Is Still A Problem
Don’t kid yourself. People think that if you don’t view porn frequently, it means you don’t have a problem. You may not have as big as a problem as someone else, but comparison is a dangerous game. A little bit is the foundation for a lot. You have to stop before it becomes a bigger problem. Think if someone said to you, “But, I mean, you know, I just did a little bit of heroin this week!” It sounds equally ridiculous if you replace “heroin” with “pornography”.2. The “Blind” Can’t Lead The “Blind”
If you were starting a business, would you go to someone who had little to no experience in business to ask advice on how to get started? Of course not. The power of community is valuable, and there’s something healing about a finding solidarity with people going through the same struggles as you. That’s all well and good. But one thing that we don’t often consider is finding someone who isn’t addicted anymore and asking them how they found freedom. This is a different kind of community and confession than we might be used to—but it might also bear a different kind of fruit.3. Marriage Won’t “Cure” You
It just won’t. Most people’s problem is not the lack of sex. As a matter of fact, you will probably have to “unlearn” desires that you take into the marriage bed because of your addiction. Marriage may mask the problem for a while, but you will rarely meet a person that was addicted to porn before marriage, and never looked at it again after saying, “I do.” If you don’t get help before you enter into marriage, you will only end up hurting yourself and your spouse more.4. Accountability Is Meant To Be All Day (Or At Least Almost All Day)
There are 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week and approximately 720 hours in a month. Sitting across from someone for 1-2 hours out of 168 and 4-8 hours out of 720 cannot be called effective accountability. Rather, have a group of friends or family that you’re living life with — who are much more to you than just a sin prevention mechanism. If pornography is a part of your life, you need to find a few people that can help fill up some of those hours with genuine friendship — the benefits will be far greater than just kicking your pornography habit. And If you aren’t addicted to porn, you need to be one of those people who is there for someone who is.5. If You Are Free, Shout It And Announce It To Everyone
If you are free from pornography, you need to tell people. More addicts suffering in silence out there need to know that other people also suffer from this same issue and that it is possible to curb the habit. You need to help them – there is no nobility in being free and quiet.Photo Credit: Getty

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