Thursday, October 21, 2021

Lifestyle: Did You Know Gut Bacteria Can Influence Your Eating Habit?

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Different bacterias have different nutritional needs based on the niches they’ve come to occupy in our guts, says researchers from University of California San Francisco, Arizona State University and the University of New Mexico. These bactetia release molecules that affect certain organs and influences our brain through the vagus nerve which connects the stomach to the brain. Our dietary goals are sometimes alligned with that of the organisms making us consume more. These microbes, have the capacity of altering the neural signals in the vagus nerve thereby manipulating the behavior and mood changing taste receptors, producing toxins which make us feel bad and producing chemical rewards to make us feel good.This was discovered by senior author Athena Aktipis of the Arizona State University Department of Psychology. However, It works both ways, what humans eat also affects the kind of food gut needed by the bacteria.Photo Credit:Getty

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