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Lifestyle: How To Keep Winning As The ‘Main Chick’!

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Hi hi!
So we recently made a post on how to know if you’re the side chick, we hope we did not break a lot of hearts who found out that they’re in that zone. We’re sorry if we did.

But, today, this post is on winning and maintaining your main chick position: for those who found out that they’re the main chicks. We have for you 8 ways to maintain your position as the main chick.
Before we proceed, we have to make you understand that if you’ve found yourself wanting this information so bad, it’s either you work on being a good girlfriend, or you dump that guy cos he isn’t good enough for you, and you’re not good enough for him.
“There is no such thing as a main chick. If there’s more than one involved, then everybody’s a side; one piece is just bigger than the other”— Derrick Jaxn

Down to business:
1. Be Less Available: Hold up, this advice goes to the girls that are always available when the boo calls. He calls you to see him off to the rest room – you’re there; he does the booty call – you’re there; he calls you to pluck the hair in his nostrils – you’re à temps. Puh-liz girl, you need to “Cut. That. Down”. Let him worry about you sometimes.

2. Spend Quality Time Together: Some of you are just too busy for a relationship; you need to nurture your relationship. One of the sure ways of nurturing it is spending quality time with your partner. Go on dates and talk about things; see an iconic movie together; do those boring but valuable things together.

3. Hang Out With His Friends: Now, please, we beg; let this be genuinely from your heart. When it’s genuine, you’d find it easy to interact with them so you don’t look like they forced you out of your fantasy-land while sleeping. Seeing that you’re comfortable with being around his friends would make him trust you more. But, the insecure guys might think otherwise.

4. Appreciate Him: Whenever he does something to make you smile or ease your stress, show gratitude. No matter how small, appreciate him. Men like to please women who are appreciative.

5. Give Him Some Space: You know those times he tells you to let him be because he’s busy, or he worried? He doesn’t hate you at those times, he just wants to be alone. Every human has that moment. Or he’s out with his friends; if he wanted you yo tag along, he would have told you so.

6. Go On Some Fun Adventure: Have fun by yourself, with yourself and with your friends. Let him see that you’re can be the life of the party without him. Let him see how bright you can seem without him being around. Men find this attractive.

7. Do Some Self Development: Work on yourself, learn new skills. This would make him understand that you take your life seriously and that you wouldn’t tolerate anybody that would do otherwise.

8. Be Less Dependent: Don’t just rush to him always when you need something or an advice; think for yourself sometimes, cater for yourself sometimes. Before you met him, you were by yourself, and even while in the relationship, you’re still an individual.

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