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Lifestyle: Four Food Diets That Can Cure Your Acne Nightmares

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Acne can be a pain in the guts because it disfigures the skin and also causes pain. Acne which can also be called pimples occur when a substance known as sebum produced to keep the skin supple and moist, combines with dead skin cells and bacteria. Healthy skin pores become clogged, producing inflammation and causing infection. Due to poor hygiene, there could be accumulation of sebum, causing oily skin and hair.Although, there are so many other underlying conditions such as hormonal imbalance (high levels of androgen) and stress, poor hygiene still remains the top in the list. Most times, intake of certain foods like refined sugar, soda drinks, junks/pastries tend to cause over production of sebum. Although scientist have not linked any specific foods, it is widely believed that poor diet can exacerbate the stresses that produce the condition. Below are four foods that can help reduce acne.Fish: Fish contains omega 3 fatty acid which has been proven by anecdotal evidence that increasing the amount of omega 3 in your diet could improve skin health and lead to reduction in acne. Fish oil can be gotten by eating boiled fish or extracted into capsules.Avocado: Avocado is rich in vitamin E and helps to fight against bacteria which are solely responsible for the various infections on the skin. They are also rich in fiber and thus helps in stabilising the level of sugar in blood and keeping check on the hormonal flow. Avocado also has monounsaturated oil which makes a good addition to your healthy diet and reduces the chances of occurrence of acne. If you use avocado oil on skin, it acts as a cleanser for your skin and does not allow sebum to clog the skin pores. So consumption of avocado on a regular basis wont be a bad idea, as it helps keep control of sebum secretion. Avocado can also be effective if used as a facial mask.

Brown Rice:Brown rice is a whole grain that’s rich in dietary fiber and thiamine. Also, brown rice has a low glycemic load, meaning that it’s digested slowly by the body. Low glycemic load foods don’t increase insulin levels as much as high glycemic load foods. Research published in the April 2008 “Journal of Dermatological Science” found that adopting a low glycemic load diet significantly improved symptoms of acne in a group of 30 male research subjects.
Nuts: Although not all nuts cure acne,few nuts like cashew which contain the minerals selenium and zinc is helpful in eliminating acne, according to the Health Alternatives website. Also, a quarter-cup of almonds contains nearly half of your daily value of Vitamin E and manganese which is good for a healthy skin.
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