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Lifestyle: Five Fruits That Can Totally Transform Your Skin

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Now this is one topic I am particularly excited about. Why, you must be wondering, but the answers are not far fetched if you are as nosy as I am. For the past few years, there has been a very profitable market for skin whitening/lightening, glowing, polishing and several other miraculously brightening cream and serum. Though I am in no way trying to attack the market or the people who have made it their business to make us look good, it is quite alarming the number of men and women who actually want to become fair.
With this desperation also comes the concern that many of us are willing to try anything just to change our skin tone and that includes ill-researched chemicals that eventually destroy our skin. I agree that anybody can make any alterations they want to their body (I know its none of my business) but I think I owe it to someone out there to share an alternative that I know works. The alternative of course is natural and will still give the same result when used with a lot of patience. Here are five fruits from our research that will give you that drool-worthy skin without the patches and multiple colour scars of course.
Tomatoes: Tomatoes contain lycopene a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from damaging UV rays, boost collagen production, repairs skin, reduces acne scars and makes skin brighter and youthful.The presence of vitamin A and vitamin C in tomatoes vitalize the skin, improve skin radiance and even the skin tone. Crush a few tomato pieces to take the juice out, add 2 tbsp of granulated sugar and mix it properly.Take a small amount of this mixture on your palms and gently rub on your skin for 3 minutes and then rinse with cool water.This removes dry, dull skin and gives your skin a visibly brighter and smoother appearance.
Lemon: Lemon is known for its natural skin bleaching properties.The juice of the lemon contains 6% citric acid and tons of vitamin C that helps lightens and brightens dark skin tone, bleaches facial hair, fades dark patches and scars to help you reveal flawless and fairer complexion. The juice from lemon works wonders when used directly or indirectly on the skin. Add a few teaspoons of honey to lemon juice and rub on the skin then watch the transformation begin.

Pawpaw: Papaya acts as a natural skin whitener.The soft butter-like consistency contains skin lightening compounds that include vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids, and papain that helps lighten skin tone, reduces pigmentation, smooth wrinkles, improves skin texture and firmness and helps maintain skin’s pH balance. Here is an easy remedy to make skin look fair and fresh.Take a small empty spray bottle and filled with ice-cold water.Add one freshly squeezed lemon juice into the bottle and shake it well.Before your spray on your skin, make sure your face is clean and dry.Spray on your face at least twice in a day. Mash a few ripe papaya pieces and add a tbsp of honey.Take a small amount of this mixture on your hands and gently massage on your face for about 10 minutes.Apply some more and leave for another 5 minutes.Rinse your face with cool water and then massage an ice cube.This is an instant remedy to lighten the skin naturally.
Oranges: Orange contains a high amount of vitamin C that are beneficial in increasing the fairness of the skin and lightening facial scars.They also contain powerful antioxidant compounds that hydrate the skin and improve its elasticity. Here are some amazing remedies that you can try out with this fruit juice. Extract the juice from some oranges and use on the face directly or Give your skin an instant glow with orange ice cubes.Pour orange juice into an ice-cube tray and then place into the refrigerator to freeze.Take an orange ice cube and rub on your face for 4 to 5 minutes for a vibrant and glowing complexion.Using it regularly lightens the skin complexion.
Pineapple: Another fruit that works wonders for lightening is the pineapple. Blend four slice of pineapple in a food processor along with a half a tablespoon of honey. Pineapple fruit contains compounds that act as tyrosinase inhibitors, thereby whitening skin.
By now you must have noticed that all the fruits I have mentioned are all tasty, so don’t hesitate to eat them too even as you feed your skin.
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