Saturday, September 25, 2021

Lifestyle: Five Foods You Should Never Eat Before Going To Bed

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If you are feeling a bit off your game today, it may be because of what you ate for dinner last night. While it’s a well known fact that you shouldn’t be slamming coffee and sweets right before jumping on your mattress, it turns out a lot of healthy foods may also be preventing you from getting the kind of beauty sleep that you deserve. Some foods like crackers or an apple can actually help your sleep, but many others can disrupt your sleep, causing nightmares, an irritated tummy, insomnia and sleep-interrupting trips to the potty. Especially these 5:1. Tomato Sauce
Because of its high acidity, it’s often the cause of morning-after heartburn and indigestion. You can still eat your favourite combination of spaghetti and sauce for dinner, but dietitians says it’s best to eat it at least 3 hours before going to bed. Spicy foods, which are also notorious for causing heartburn, make for an extra restless night of sleep because they raise your core body temperature.2. Dark Chocolate
They are tasty and addictive and you never know how to stop yourself. But having them late at night does you even less favour. Dark chocolates can carry up to a quarter of the caffeine you’d find in an average cup of coffee. They also contain amino acid that makes you alert. Basically, dark chocolate is double the energy you get from a regular cup of coffee, making it a much better snack for the afternoon than the middle of the night.3. Chicken
Guess you didn’t see that one coming. Chicken or any type of protein is going to be counterproductive if consumed at night. Digestion is supposed to slow by about 50% while you’re sleeping but if you eat a lot of protein, you digest even more slowly. Instead of focusing on sleeping, your body is focusing on digesting.4. Sugary Cereal
We really do understand that sometimes, a bowl of cereal at bedtime is just the thing. But you’re better off sticking with a low-sugar, high-fiber kind, like bran flakes. Sugary cereals digest rapidly in your system, so the spike in blood sugar could throw off some of your sleep hormones, and low-fiber diets are linked to lighter sleep. Your best bet might be to forgo the food and just get some sleep. Otherwise you might enter the unending cycle of seeking more energy (via sugar) when you don’t get enough sleep at night which then makes it even more difficult to sleep at night.5. Pizza
You might want to rethink having that late night snack from Debonairs or Dominos for a lot of reasons. That cheesy topping might give you nightmares, according to a recent study, and the acidic tomato sauce can lead to tummy aches and 3 AM trips to the bathroom.Photo Credit: Getty

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