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Lifestyle: Common Myths About Dietary Supplements

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Where I come from, we are all either doctors or pharmacists. We know what to prescribe for the occasional headache, stomach ache, fever, malaria and all the general malaise that plague our day to day existence. We even know the best brands to buy for effective results so we automatically assume the same extends to every other drug; as long as nobody dies. We are also the first to get very argumentative on the issue of drug abuse pointing one accusing finger at drug addicts without realising the four that points at us. Drug abuse and the various myths that surround drug usage extend beyond medications we take for different health conditions to dietary supplements and other pills that are not strictly regulated. A lot of assumption goes into the usage of supplements which inadvertently may be injurious to help. Here are some of the most popular myths about supplements.

All Supplements Are Safe: This is one of the biggest myths you can ever come across about supplement usage but it is a big misconception. This is because our systems work differently. Some supplements may interact with other medications you are taking or otherwise, so it’s best to consult your physician before taking any supplements if you are dealing with health issues. Likewise, many supplements will contain stimulatory ingredients, so if you don’t respond well to caffeine, this is a good sign that supplement may not be for you.

Supplements Can Replace Your Regular Meals: While there are meal replacement powders available and these can be used in times of need, you should never be relying on these powders.  They simply aren’t going to provide the fiber and nutrients that your body needs to function optimally. As an occasional option they can be good and better than eating fast food or other unhealthy options, but they shouldn’t ever be a mainstay in your diet plan.

All Supplements Of One Type Are Equal: The next myth that you need to know about is the thought that all supplements of one type are created equally.  For instance, you might think that all protein powders are the same or all fat burners will create the same effect.
This isn’t the case at all.  Many products will really vary in the quality they offer and the potential results you’ll see between the different brands. Make sure you do your research.  Again, read reviews and see what other people find are the best products to take.
You Won’t Need To Work As Hard: Another common thought process is that if you have certain supplements on your side, you won’t have to work as hard.  For instance, you might think that because you’re taking the latest and greatest fat burner, this now means you won’t need to worry about dieting. Or, because you’re using a product designed to help you build muscle mass, you don’t need to push yourself as hard in the gym. This is far from the truth.  The supplement will definitely give you an edge for sticking with your diet and working hard in the gym, but without those in place, results will still not be seen.
Results Are Predictable With Supplements: Finally, the last myth that you need to know about is the myth that you can predict the results you’ll see when using a supplement. You might think that because your training partner or friend saw certain results by using product ‘X’, you can expect those results as well. While you generally should anticipate similar results, remember that no two people are exactly alike. Each person will react in their own unique way. Some will respond better while others may not notice much of a difference.
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