Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Lifestyle: Why You Should Always Keep Your Night-Time Appointment With The Shower

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While some people may find the prospect of starting the day without a shower a bit daunting, there’s a lot to be said for washing at night. A recent article at Time.com suggests that the single best virtue of nightly showering is the significant improvement in the quality of sleep. But there’s more good than just good sleep that can come from a moonlight shower. Consider the following:1. Improved Sleep
First Things First. Body temperature is a key component in regulating circadian rhythm, the inner clock that tells the body when to feel sleepy or bright-eyed. Researchers have found that warming your body can help bring on sleep as long as there’s enough time to cool down afterward. Just be sure to aim for the circadian sweet spot and finish your shower about an hour and a half before you go to bed.2. A Clean Bed
You don’t really want to sleep with all the grime-sweat-germs you picked up during the day. Showering before slipping between the sheets promises you won’t be stewing all night with the things you gathered all day.3. Reduced Laundry
How often do you launder your pajamas and sheets? However often it is, you can do it less frequently if you are not introducing a dirty body into them every night.4. Better Skin
Washing your face before bed is not exclusive to showering, but doing them together makes it much easier. Washing your face before bed helps reduce breakouts, improves your moisturizer’s efficacy, helps prevents wrinkles and lessens your chance of eye infections.Photo Credit: Getty

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