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Lifestyle: 6 Super-Fruits For A Healthier Body

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Health is wealth they say and if we are bent on making all our big dreams come true, paying attention to our health is the first step. Fortunately for us mother nature has given us a helping-hand in the form of fruits and herbs that we find abundant all around us. We are sure that after you are done reading this, you will never look at those juicy edibles the same way again.

Berries: Reach for berries for a powerful dose of disease fighting antioxidants. According to a U.S. Department of Agriculture study, blueberries top the list of antioxidant-rich fruits, followed by cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Enjoy a cup of berries each day, as a snack; atop your cereal or yogurt; in muffins, salads, or smoothies; or as frozen treats.
Tomatoes: These red-hot fruits of summer are bursting with flavor and lycopene — an antioxidant that may help protect against some cancers. They also deliver an abundance of vitamins A and C, potassium, and phytochemicals. Enjoy tomatoes raw, cooked, sliced, chopped, or diced as part of any meal or snack. Stuff a tomato half with spinach and top with grated cheese for a fabulous and colourful side dish.
Carrot: Vitamin A or beta carotene is present in carrots which improves eyesight. In case of kids, carrots help to repel worms. The merits of carrots include curing lung diseases, rheumatism, problems related to intestines, bladder and liver, stomach as well as kidney troubles, cataract problems and cough. Carrots help brightening up complexions and cleansing skin.
Cucumber: Cucumber has so many positive effects on our body. In fact cucumbers are called beautifying agent. These help to lessen eye bugs and also combat and cure kidney problems, stomach, throat troubles as well as liver problems. Cucumbers are great for digestion.

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Garlic: Though their smell can off-putting garlic helps in curing rheumatism, loss of appetite, nervousness, pulmonary abscesses, varicose veins. Lung problems, throat problems, heart disease as well as kidney troubles. Blood pressure is also regulated and worms are expelled.

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Mango: Mango is not just tasty but is of great value to our health system. Mango helps to cure scurvy, tooth aches, gum diseases, cough and fever. Purification of blood is also facilitated by mangoes. They are in season too so make the most of them.
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