Monday, October 25, 2021

Lifestyle: 5 Reasons Why You Need A Summer Vacation This Year

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I could swear that I heard the shouts of “They are here again”, by the staff of European and American embassies in Nigeria as the multitudes of the country’s elites thronged to get their visa applications approved in time for them to travel for the summer. For those than can afford it, summer holiday is always a time to look forward to as a chance to get away from the bustle and hustle of this African nation and also to have new stories of adventure for the water cooler gossip in the office. But for the remaining “general masses”, summer holiday might as well be a myth. We do not understand it, we have never seen it, we do not believe in it and we don’t even think we want it. The word “Summer Break” is just something we read in the subtitles of movies. But here are 5 commandments…sorry, reasons why you need to pack your bags this summer and be part of the hordes giving embassy staffs nightmare this summer.
1. Your Brain Needs A Break
You just spent the whose of the past one year studying like a maniac/sitting at your desk/pleasing customers/following orders. Not a good enough reason? You are staring at another year of studying like a maniac/sitting at your desk/pleasing customers/following orders. Still not good enough? Read the next nine reasons.
2. The World is Much Bigger Than Your Office or Schoolbooks
There are 7 continents, 196 countries, and about 7.3 billion people in the world. Even the biggest introvert in the world desires a break and self-discovery.
3. The Sun Exists
Sand. Sun. Beach. Vitamin D. Ocean. Fishing. Camping. Water Balloon Fights. Pools. Sunscreens. Car rides with the windows down!
4. Cure Your Narrow-mindedness.
This world was created for a reason – to be explored and enjoyed! How can you do that if you are in school or in a job the entire time?
5. Summer is AWESOME.
The workaholics can argue all they want, but you have to admit: vacations are some of the best times and include the best memories of your life. So go out and enjoy.Photo Credit: Getty

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