Lifestyle: 5 Best Sex Positions That Help To Conceive Twins

Everyone was going aaawww when they saw the first images of Beyonce’s twins, Rumi Carter and Sir Carter. She’s has joined growing number of celebrity mothers of twins, including fellow divas Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.Having multiple births, especially in the late 30s and early 40s, indicates that fertility treatment may be involved, given that one in six IVF births is twins as opposed to one in 80 among the general population.However, in terms of natural conception, twins occur in about one out of every 89 births. In other words, it’s not everyone who wishes to have a set of twins that can get them! Babies are blessing who brings happiness especially to couples. We can say that babies are the one who complete the family, without them you cannot call yourself as parents. You will not able to experience how to become a proud parent if you don’t have children. Nowadays there are many couples who want to have a twin babies. While those who have twins in their families are more likely to conceive twins, experts say many of us may just maintain wishes when it comes to these rare species of humans. However, sex experts are assuring that there are certain positions you can assume during sex, which can aid you in conceiving twins.Try these styles and get back to us in nine months’ time!

#1 – Doing it side by side this sex position is also known as the doggy style. The woman will position herself in bending her knee and the male will penetrate behind. This sex position will help couple to conceived baby twins because during this intercourse the cervix of the woman is more approachable with the sperms.

#2 – Doing it by standing up position. This position is like the doggy style will be able to give deep penetration. This must be an advantage for the sperm to easily get into the egg.

#3 – Doing the missionary position will help the sperm to easily reach the egg. This would be the best kind of sexual position.

#4 – Rear entry position this sexual position place the man behind the woman. This will be a good position since this style ensures the sperm very close to the cervix of the woman.

#5 – Always wait for the evolution period timing of course is important in making a baby. Twin baby can happen to anyone.Couples having a twin baby are very lucky. But it is very difficult for couple especially if don’t have genes of having a twin baby. Even if you wish to have a twin baby always remember that whatever God gives to you is a wonderful blessing to your family, you must be thankful for that.

Every baby is a blessing whether it’s a twin or not. Some factors that may affect in having twin babies are problem of ovulation, stress, cervical mucus problems, unexplained infertility and blockage of the fallopian tubes.Photo Credit: Getty


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