Liam Hemsworth’s Sexy Biceps Are Everything

Liam Hemsworth’s new body is too hot to handle. The Hollywood actor stepped out over the weekend looking buff and positively jacked, and fans are taking notice of the seemingly causal pictures.


The paparazzi photos of Hemsworth’s buff body have even left many people to claiming that The Hunger Games star could take on Thor in an epic battle.Photos of the actor and his hot body started circulating on the internet after he was spotted leaving the gym in a white tank top. The shirt showed off the actor’s growing biceps, which certainly have been pumping some extra weight as of late. This is probably the most jacked you’ve ever seen Hemsworth.

Liam Hemsworth's Sexy Biceps Are Everything
Liam Hemsworth’s Sexy Biceps Are Everything

The Actor’s new pumped body is an internet frenzy and fans are in love with it.We don’t know if the 30-year-old actor is putting in extra time at the gym for a new role or for personal gains. Some have even pointed out that Hemsworth appeared significantly less jacked under a month ago when frolicking in Byron Bay. No matter the motivation, Hemsworth is certainly moving toward whatever goals he has in mind.

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