Leo DaSilva Advises New BBNaija Stars To Stay Away From Endorsements

ExBBNaija season 3 housemate, Leo DaSilva has got a word or two to share with the recently leaving the BBNaija house to stay away from endorsements. Leo DaSilva

According to Leo Dasilva, some brands are only after a quick use of the reality stars newly found fame and celebrity status to push their brand without any interests in the housemate’s lives. He added that ex-housemates should not to compromise to anything because of money and do things to spoil their brands.

Leo Dasilva, however, advised that until their popularity fades therefore they should learn how to say no and build their brands well not to fade.Leo Dasilva

In his words;

“If you went on BBNaija, my advice to you is to get people that will support your dreams. Not people that will use you to push their dreams till your popularity fades. Invest every small change you have for steady income because that small change will reduce and eventually stop.”
“One more thing ex-housemates, don’t be scared of turning down jobs to define your brand. If you want to be taken seriously, don’t turn your fame into a general market place. If it is one or two tangible brands u build relationship with, stick with them and focus on steady income.”

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