Sunday, December 4, 2022

Lena Dunham Goes Naked On Instagram To Mark Hysterectomy Anniversary

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Lena Dunham stripped naked to mark the nine-month anniversary of her hysterectomy. The 32-year-old posted the three nude pictures online and told her fans she wanted to celebrate her body and all it had done.Lena underwent the major operation, where the uterus is removed, to stop the unbearable pain of endometriosis. She posted the pictures on Instagram and said she chose this date as it was the same amount of time she would have been pregnant for. Girls actress Lena captioned the pictures: Today is National Leathercraft Day, National Relaxation Day and National Lemon Merengue Pie Day. It’s also the 9 month anniversary of my hysterectomy.I’ve never celebrated the 9 month anniversary of anything and I realized last night why that number feels so funny – I won’t ever do it the way I planned to. My body is mostly healed and every day I find a new bruise on my heart, but today I offer myself gratitude: from the most pained place, I somehow knew to choose myself. The purest glint of who we are and know we can be is always available to us, calm and true at our centre. My friend Paul named my uterus Judy, and when she was being uppity we called her out, hence the tattoo on my ribs, which hurt like fuck even through the pain meds: #RIPJudy.“Today I give thanks for Judy, for her graceful exit and for this body, which is stronger than I’ve ever given it credit for. Happy Giving Birth To Myself Day.” By having a hysterectomy, Lena will no longer be able to have children of her own, she said she would love to adopt. She explained: “I may have felt choice less before, but I know I have choices now. Soon I’ll start exploring whether my ovaries, which remain someplace inside me in that vast cavern of organs and scar tissue, have eggs. Adoption is a thrilling truth I’ll pursue with all my might.”Photo Credit: Getty

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