#LekkiMassacre: Who Gave The Orders??- Alex Unusual Pays Tribute To Victims Of 20.10.20

Big Brother Naija star Alex Unusual asks the recurrent question ‘Who gave the orders?’ on the #lekkimassacre of October 20, 2020 at the Lekki toll gate.alex unusual

It is a month today that the peaceful protesters at Lekki toll gate were massacred unjustly. Till date the question ‘Who gave the order?’, is yet to be answered by the government. Big Brother Naija star, Alex Unusual asks this same question.

Lazy steps has been taken by the government but no tangible result has come out of these steps taken. Parents, children, siblings, wives, husbands e.t.c are still mourning their loved ones, await answers for the wrongs done on 20.10.20. Nigerians have taken time today to pay tribute and remember the lost precious souls.

Alex Unusual honors the victims of 20.10.20, saying,

‘Our sanity has always been tested once in a while but exactly a month ago today, we all had our sanity greatly tested at the same time . The question is still “Who gave the orders ?” We will never forget. A peaceful reminder that we still have a movement against bad governance and it’s siblings.
Sometimes, I sit by the beach feeling like it’s just me, the wind against my hair , the sand and sun against my skin and the sound of the waves 🌊 against my voice or the hands of government on my mouth but I know that God listens. We will be alright. Don’t ever feel like your voice doesn’t matter because he listens to us all.’

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