Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson’s Son Blanket Has Stopped Talking Since Sex Abuse Allegations Documentary

Blanket Jackson who made the most dramatic of public debuts at just nine months old, when his superstar father dangled him over a third-floor hotel balcony for his adoring fans to see.But since Michael Jackson died back in 2009, his younger son – real name Prince Michael Jackson II – has become an enigma, hidden away by the Jackson estate. They have seized control of his life, cutting him off from his childhood friends, and the 17-year-old is looked after by his 88-year-old grandma Katherine and co-guardian TJ Jackson, Michael’s 40-year-old nephew.This week another nephew, 45-year-old Taj, claimed Blanket – who prefers to be known as Biji – had stopped talking since the Michael Jackson sex abuse allegations resurfaced in bombshell TV documentary Leaving Neverland. He told the Victoria Derbyshire TV show yesterday: “Biji is the most talkative kid at school and he isn’t talking any more. We’re all worried about him.” As far back as 2017 Blanket’s elder sister Paris, now 20, was raising concerns for his welfare. She said he was often left to his own devices in Katherine’s mansion in Calabasas, California, preparing his own dinners – which could be as simple as a bowl of cereal or a Snickers bar.Photo Credit: Getty


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