How Is Her Dressing A National Issue? Uche Elendu Defends Colleague Destiny Etiko

Nollywood actress Uche Elendu has defended her colleague and friend Destiny Etiko who has recently been the subject of trolling for her shape as the achievements she is making are being tied to her waistline and curves by social media users.
Recall that she had been trolled for dating a married oil mogul when she got her latest ride. This so got to her that she swore with herself and her mother of not knowing the man she was accused of sleeping with. The oil mogul also said he doesn’t even know who goes by the name Destiny Etiko, neither has he met her.
In a more recent situation, Destiny Etiko had visited Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State and shared a picture of the duo shaking hands on The Gram. Her snakeskin plunging one shoulder curves-revealing jumpsuit, however, caught people’s attention and again, they dragged her for dressing inappropriately.
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Taking to Instagram in her defence, Uche Elendu asked how her dressing has now become a national issue for people to debate. “Hey u guys leave this girl alone! She wasnt the only one on that trip and they were dressed casually to go to the airport b4 the governor called to see them, how is this dressing a national issue?? Gosh”, she wrote in a comment.Destiny Etiko and Yahaya Bello
Uche Elendu defends colleague in a comment
Photos Credit: Instagram

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