Late John Singleton’s Seven Children Battle Over His $35m Estate After His 1993 Will Left Everything To His First Child

The seven children of the Boyz n the Hood director, John Singleton who died on Monday, April 28th are set to battle in court over his $35 million estates. Singleton suffered a major stroke at the age of 51 and was buried on the 6th of May, in his native South Los Angeles. Before his death, Singleton drafted a will in 1993, leaving all his properties to his first whom as had that time was the only child. According to TMZ, the late director’s mother, Shelia Ward, who is acting as executor of his estate, filed the will which earmarked everything for Justice in probate court Friday. The good news, however, is that the arrangement was composed in California, where state law could open the door for Singleton’s younger six children. According to the news outlet, the only instance that could potentially exclude them, was if Singleton had added a stipulation disowning the yet-to-be-born kids, which he didn’t.Photo Credit: Getty


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