Lagosians Suffer As Buhari Commissions Projects In Lagos Today

Sanwo-Olu and Buhari
When President Muhammadu Buhari boycott his immediate former Chief of Army Staff, Attahiru Ibrahim’s funeral, his official spokesperson, Garba Shehu said it may be as a result of the good heart of the President, which makes him hate causing traffic and causing citizens some discomfort. However, the President has done exactly contrary to his SSA, Media and Publicity’s excuse, causing Lagosians to suffer.
Usually, when there is a heavy downpour of rain in Lagos, residents have one thing at the back of their minds even as they are at their places of work – traffic and the stress of going home. This is not a new thing as Lagos is known to be the home of traffic gridlock, and it won’t be surprising if it takes this position and title amongst all the states of the nation.Lagosians Suffer As Buhari Commissions Projects In Lagos Today Today, however, President Buhari is in the Centre of Excellence and the commercial hub of the Giant of Africa, to commission some projects, including the Deep Blue project, which aims to prevent illegal activities in the Nigerian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), enforce maritime regulations, enhance safety of lives at sea, and prevent illegal activities in the inland waterways, and Lagosians have been made to suffer outside their day-to-day fear of traffic and long hours of frustration on the road.
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Normally, there are usually announcement of road blocks, the coming of the President and many more activities which may directly or indirectly affect the residents or demand them to adhere to certain rules, lanes or directions but there was none – no thanks to the state of insecurity or what could it have been? Many Lagosians woke today, left their homes in search of their daily bread only to realise they they cannot get a bus going their route, and if they would, they will have to stop at a nearby place as the road has been blocked – because the President is coming.Lagosians Suffer As Buhari Commissions Projects In Lagos Today
People who had planned their time, hoping to get to their destinations at certain time only had to suffer lateness, not only because of the downpour which is gradually settling down in the nation as it is its season, but coupled with the unannounced President’s presence, which could have been averted with proper information, announcement and direction. As the gridlock got tightened, many who could not endure the frustration of standing still and lateness spoke to their legs to carry them to their promise land. Others who were dropped at nearby locations had no choice to, than employ the service of their legs, while lamenting bitterly.
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Drivers were cursing, pedestrians pleaded the mercy of the angry commuters who are looking for every tiny lane to bypass another and ahead, just so they could walk their way. Markets did not open, everywhere just dry like the sand of the desert. This only makes me wonder if the President had forgotten his kind heart, or Garba Shehu was only spewing what is not true, or better still Governor Sanwo-Olu is trying to protect the President at the detriment of the citizens which they are both supposed to protect and show the said ‘god heart’.
Lagosians Suffer As Buhari Commissions Projects In Lagos Today
Governor Snawo-Olu of Lagos and President Buhari
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