KOKO’s Men Of The Week: Naija’s Top 5 Rappers With A Street Dope Fashion Style

Rappers are usually Hip-hop personifications and must in some ways represent the street, the next 5 rappers selected in this article are at the moment, some of the best rappers in Nigeria with a distinct street fashion sense, meet Naijas best dressed Street Fashion representative in the Rap Industry;

  1. Vector: Vector is seen by some people in Nigeria has the best English Rapper in the country, he as a unique style of dressing always keeping street tight but simple never pushing it too hard but still keep it very stylish.
  2. Olamide: Baddosneh as being the next best thing when you talk about local rap since after DaGrin passed, his Yoruba style definitely hasn’t hindered him from experimenting with his fashion sense, a fusion of street style and western Hip-hop fashion.
  3. Phyno: Obagol has most definitely got street-style oozing all over him he is probably the most dope street style dresser there but within the rap game he is in good company.
  4. Falz: Here is the chairman of Sweet Boy Association, you can never catch him off style, uncool and badly dressed he is the personification talented, cool and stylish.
  5. Ycee: Zaheer Omo Alhaji, he’s that slow smooth clean dope dresser. always looking on flick with his dreads and very street casual style. Photo Credit: Getty

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