KOKOnista Of The Day: Kemi Akin Glows Gorgeously When It Comes To Fashion And Style

Our KOKOnista of the day, Kemi Akinboyewa, is a profound coding guru, web design expert, fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle blogger and a super-cute Nigerian fashionista. She is the founder of a good number of well recognized websites, and her fashion corner, Skylish.co.uk, is one of them.

One standout point in her personal style is the fact that she love rocking outfits that flow along with each other. A pair of dark boots, a black skirt, a sleeved black cropped top, a black purse, a dark choker and her glorious hair to wrap it up. Kemi’s style is simple, classy and elegant. A quick glance through her pictures will easily convince you that this KOKOnista know how to pick her outfits very well.

Photo Credit: Skylish

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