KOKOnista Of The Day: Adina’s Style Takes The Beauty Of African Fashion To A Global Spotlight


Our KOKOnista of the day, Adina Thembi is an award-winning South African singer, songwriter, actress, model and a prominent fashion influencer. She was the winner of music reality show Stars of the Future in 2008.

Adina Thembi
Her Ghana-South African personality naturally highlighted her as a true African fashion and entertainment expert with a ton-load of style pointers to share with fashion enthusiasts all over the world.
Adina Thembi
Adina’s style literally exports the beauty of African fashion to the rest of the world. Adina has infused African prints into basically 95% of her outfits, including at international occasions and events. To further preach her message of African beauty to the global stage, Adina coined a smooth blend of combining African patterns with international fashion patterns to create an SA to the world personality.

Photo Credit: Adina Thembi

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